Explore a secret hideaway in the heart of Budapest.

Get a taste of the Budapest high life at 360 Bar! Here, you’ll enjoy unrivalled views over the city’s skyline and an impressive selection of signature cocktails. This season, our rooftop oasis has a mouth-watering Mediterranean menu on offer, not to mention plenty of live music, events and all-round good vibes.. So stay tuned via Facebook and Instagram and see you at sunset!


You can find our current program list on our Facebook page.





You are responsible for your own safety. Children under 14 years can not enter the bar without adult supervision. 

Plants along the handrails are there for your safety, do not step or climb beyond them.

Leaning out of the handrails is dangerous and prohibited.

The Bar is not liable for damages or personal injury caused by bad weather conditions.

360BAR can not provide shelter for guests during bad weather conditions or any circumstance beyond our control .

We do not serve drunk persons or alcoholic drinks to anyone under the age of 18. 

Staying at the service area is prohibited.

Pictures and videos may be taken at any time on the rooftop. The 360BAR is not responsible for the content. By entering the Bar you agree to the free utilization of this content.  

You are responsible for yourself. Children under 14 years can not enter the bar without adult supervision. 

In case of emergency (e.g.  panic, fire, bad weather etc.) you must follow the orders of the staff. 

It is prohibited to do any commercial activities in the Bar without the owner’s permission. 

Those who disturb others with loud or rude behaviour, or are otherwise dressed inappropriately (e.g. in fancy dress or beach slippers, beachwear) will be denied entry to our bar or escorted out by staff.

MON-TUE-WED: 2:00PM – 12:00AM // THU-SAT: 2:00PM – 02:00AM //
SUN: 2:00PM – 12:00AM